scars and stories.

My scar is this land, being torn wide open and leaving us with a culture of greed lust and fear to sift throught to find our scattered pasts.
No, my scar happened in 1998, I lived a very reckless lifestyle, called it the dgf style…dont give a f…  So drink drugs sex work and dgf was all i did for months. Everyletdown I used as excuse to Hate life, hate myself, hate you….and at 100mph i recieved the first wake up call when my head kissed the concrete as my truck proceded to roll off hwy 367 jus before the Clark Bridge.  It was raining, 4am, and I was with a friend on a road straight to hell.  And even then, right then, angel or guide instructed me as time slooowwwwwed down, and I was swerving out control, vehichle out of balance, and ready to roll, spirit guide instructed me to reach for armrest on opposite door, brace myself strong, and i remember saying”were going over”……and smash….as time speeds back up to moment then we start rollin and time speeds time speeds…..and then I awake, my friend…is ok.  he looks at me…” and says aww fuck!”  i said its fine and he laughed.  In and out of consciousness, 150’ from were we started rolling off hells highway, I lay upside down, in mud, and water…but mud n water wasnt what covered my face and cab and window of truck.  It wasnt what had my shirt feeling uncomfortably wet either, and it wasnt the iron smell of mud either.  It was blood from above my eye, and the skin hanging down my face..  The beginning of many awakenings it took to get me back, to the right side of life.  This one got me off that lost highway though…it wasnt the accident, or state trooper asking why i left my truck mangled in a cornfield…it wasnt seeing concrete coming at me at 100 mph that made me want to change…it was my spirit guide, who let me know, your not going out like that…that there was a reason, must be, a reason, that I need to be alive. Thats when I knew, my life was going to mean something afterall…after all the trying, and will, the gut wrenching desires to succeed and the letdowns…that night let me know, its never getting worse than this, and that something, much greater exists.  I had to believe for myself.  My understanding.  So the scar, gives me vision.

 this is a submission blog for pictures of your scars and the cool or gross or sad or funny or scary and/or crazy stories that go with them